Success In REO & Short Sales Series With Ben Barber & Joshua Smith, Part 5!

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REO Occupancy Checks & Cash For Keys Top Tips
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Part 5 of in our "How To Have Success in REO & Short Sales For Real Estate Agents" and in this Episode/Part we break down/discuss: "The Overall Process and our Top Tips On REO Occupancy Checks & Cash For Keys"...(if you missed Episodes 1-4 in this series, there are links below to check those out & make sure you do, as these build off each other and it is important to check them all out to ensure you fully understand and master the REO and Short Sale process).

When you are an "REO Real Estate Agent" (aka listing foreclosure properties for Banks), when you get a new REO Listing Assignment, the first step the Banks will have you do is to "Check Occupancy", meaning you need to visit the property, see if it is vacant or occupied (which we share some industry secrets & hacks on how to do this), and if it is vacant, you then have to manage the Cash For Keys process and/or the Eviction process... This Episode is all based on the top things you need to know in order to have success with this process!
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