GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Ben Barber & Joshua Smith, Part 2!

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Top Ways For Realtors To Get Into REO & Short Sales!
- Top Real Estate Agents!
- REO & Short Sale MASTERS!
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More Info About This Episode!
This is "Part 2" in the "How To Have Success In REO & Short Sales" Series (if you missed "Part 1" there is a link below so you can check that out, in Part 1 we broke down and discussed "Why It Is Important For Realtors To Get Into REO & Short Sales"... In this episode (part 2), we break down and discuss the "Top Ways For Realtors To Get Into REO & Short Sales", AKA How to have success at getting Banks (and Outsources) to send you REO Listings as well as How you can have success at getting Listings with Homeowners needing to Short Sale...
"How To Triple Your Real Estate Business In 90 Days" with Joshua Smith
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