Flashback GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Zayvon johnson

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Selling $1 Million+ During 1st MONTH As A Brand New Real Estate Agent! (ZAYVON JOHNSON INTERVIEW)
- Sold 1 Million In 1st Month!
- Cut Work Week From 7 Days Down To 5 Days!
More Info About Zayvon!
Zayvon Johnson is a brand new real estate agent that sold over $1 Million in volume during his 1st MONTH as a realtor. Yes you read that correct.. 1 MILLION in his 1st MONTH! When this interview was recorded Zayvon had been in the industry for just 3 months, and when he started out he had no funds, no leads, and just dove in head first and put his nose to the grindstone and it has paid off tremendously! He worked so hard that he’s already cut his 7 day work week down to 5, and is on pace to cut it down to 4, while still making more money than ever before! Every agent, old or new, can learn from his drive, passion, hard work, and intelligence and then apply those to their own business to give it some new life and help grow bigger and stronger. Check it out!
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