Real Estate Agent Tip W/ Joshua Smith

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What to Say During Lead Follow Up Calls to Convert More Leads & Sell More Homes!
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As a realtor, are you struggling to keep clients on the phone, or convert them to successful leads? We may often think we sound annoying to clients, constantly asking the same questions, and you’re right- you ARE! Making hundreds of calls per day can get monotonous, but the key is to get EXCITED to make your follow up calls. Instead of asking the same boring, robotic questions, we need to dig deeper and find meaningful information about the client. Find out “why” instead of “what”. Take detailed notes about the family, their hobbies, upcoming vacations etc. and circle back on those notes on your upcoming calls. This is an extremely powerful episode of Real Estate Tips, and Joshua Smith gives you an incredible amount of information for you to master this topic!
"How To Triple Your Real Estate Business In 90 Days" with Joshua Smith
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