GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Veronica Figueroa

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Virtual Open Houses, Adapting To Market Shifts, Clean Home Initiative, & More! (VERONICA FIGUEROA)
- MASTER At Adjusting Her Business With Market Shifts!
- $90 Million Per Year In Gross Volume Sales!
- Awesome Tips For Adjusting Business With COVID-19!
More Info About Veronica!
Veronica Figueroa is back on the podcast and the timing couldn't be better because she is a MASTER of adapting her real estate business to adjust with shifting markets and recession periods! There's no doubt that with the current COVID-19 virus spreading worldwide that real estate agents and businesses are going to be directly effected, but the effect does NOT have to be negative! If you are prepared and take the necessary steps to adapt your business based on current trends and problems you can truly THRIVE and turn a negative situation into a positive. Veronica breaks down her Clean Home Initiative she is requiring all agents to use when showing a home, her virtual Open House strategy and how she is staying ahead of the curve with the new virtual working schedule everybody is on, and so much more! There is some much needed advice and strategies in here that all real estate agents can benefit from and NEED to check out during such an uncertain time in all of our lives, check it out!
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