Real Estate Agent Tips W/ Joshua Smith

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Time Management Tips For Part Time Realtors Looking To Go Full Time (REAL ESTATE TIPS)
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If you were a part-time real estate agent looking to go full-time, but you only had 5 hours of your day to focus on your real estate business, what should you be focusing on, exactly? Money making activities should be 1st priority! In this week’s episode of Real Estate Tips, Joshua answers this exact question from GSD Mode listener, Ben, as well as breaking down how an agent should prioritize their day around money making activities, the 80/20 rule that every agent should follow to optimize their time management, small things to do in order to take advantage of the time we all spend doing daily, mindless activities, and so much more! There is WAY more time in the day than you realize, check it out!
"How To Triple Your Real Estate Business In 90 Days" with Joshua Smith
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