Flashback GSD Mode Podcast Interview With The Laughton Team

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Realtors Selling $100 Million+ Per Year As A Husband & Wife Team (LAUGHTON TEAM FLASHBACK)
- Selling $100 Million Annually!
- Built An Epic Team At Top Of Their Market!
- Former #1 Ranked RE/MAX REO Agents!
More Info About Jennifer & George!
Meet the husband & wife real estate team that sells over $100 Million Per Year, Jennifer & George Laughton! Based in Phoenix, Arizona, their team continually closes over $100 Million in sales and continue to grow year by year. Any real estate agents that might be worried that an impending market shift could potentially disrupt their business NEED to watch this interview from back in June of 2017. George and Jennifer didn’t just survive the market crash in 2007-08, they absolutely thrived, and inside this interview they go into detail about how they built their team, what they were doing inside their business when the market crashed and how they were able to come out of it stronger, how to create a successful real estate team while also maintaining a successful and happy marriage, as well as just casually dropping some awesome tips and strategies that they use inside their real estate business. Even if you’ve seen this one from 2017 before, there is no better time to check it out again and look at it in a slightly different light, as a market shift and/or crash has more potential of happening now more than ever!
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