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GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Thach Nguyen
How To Obtain True Wealth Within The Real Estate Industry : GSD Mode Podcast Interview w/ Thach Nguyen
- Ranked Top 1% In Real Estate Industry!
- Owner of Springboard To Wealth!
- Was Selling 15-20 Homes per MONTH!
More Info About Thach Nguyen
Today on GSD Mode Podcast, the #1 Rated Podcast In The Real Estate Industry, Joshua Smith welcomes Thach Nguyen to the show! Thach has an unbelievable story of finding success and fulfillment inside his real estate business. Being born in Vietnam, his family was able to leave the country with the United States Armed Forces directly before a civil invasion, and lived in a homeless shelter with his family upon his arrival to the United States. Fast forward to his early adult life, Thach found real estate and instantly knew he could make it work. He would door knock 100 doors every day with a distinct script, and before he knew it he was selling 10-15 homes each year. Within his 3rd year in real estate, he was selling 15-20 homes per month, but it didn’t always stay that way! Later on in his life, he ran into accidental controversy, when he unknowingly sold a home to somebody that was later convicted and discovered to be a high-profile drug dealer, and Thach would have to work for years while under indictment by the FBI and IRS with his banks accounts frozen! You gotta hear this truly insane story from the man himself! Nowadays he is constantly giving back to his community in any way that he can, running Springboard to Wealth, a coaching company with the intent to make other realtors millionaires while staying inside the real estate industry, he’s ranked in the top 1% of EVERYBODY inside the real estate industry, owns over 125 rental properties, is a speaker, trainer, self made millionaire and so much more! Check it out! 
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