Flashback GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Templeton Walker!

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5th Year Realtor With $65 Million In Sales!
- Top Real Estate Agent/Wholesaler In Arizona!
- Sold $65 Million Worth In 5 Years!
More Info About Templeton!
Templeton Walker is a Realtor with 5 years of experience and over $65 Million in sales! Inside this epic Flashback GSD Mode Podcast Interview, Templeton and Joshua talk about how Templeton was able to skyrocket his real estate career to get to the point he is at now, how he is able to wholesale over 50 homes per year and how that helps grow his real estate business as an agent, what it’s like selling in the Phoenix market and he shares some tips and advice that every realtor in the area needs to know, the value of coaching and finding a mentor, and much more! #GSDMode4Life

Editor’s Note: This interview was conducted back in 2018 so if there are any links, information missing from the description, or invalid promo codes, it’s because they have timed out, been changed, or are no longer in service as our guests evolve their business to keep up to date with evolving markets. Sorry for any inconvenience! 
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