GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Shaun Osher

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Top NYC Real Estate Agent & Founder Of The #1 Boutique Brokerage In NYC! (SHAUN OSHER INTERVIEW)
- Has Sold Over $6 Billion In Gross Volume Sales!
- Founder & Owner Of Core NYC, NYC's #1 Boutique Brokerage!
More Info About Shaun!
Shaun Osher is the owner and founder of CORE Real Estate, the #1 boutique brokerage in New York City responsible for over $6 Billion Dollars worth of gross volume sales! Being a top real estate agent in New York City, Shaun’s attention to detail that he provides to each property and how he treats each piece of real estate and every client in a unique way that aligns with their look, area, values, and more has undoubtedly helped him reach the top of his real estate market! Check out this interview, as Joshua and Shaun dive into how he’s managed to grow his business to the size that he has, information about his podcast On Site, things he is doing during the coronavirus pandemic in order to stay successful and productive, the importance of targeted advertising and knowing your target market, and much more!
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