GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Shannon Gillette

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Realtor In Top 1% Of All Agents In Arizona Selling 70 Homes Per Year! (SHANNON GILLETTE INTERVIEW)
- $30 Million+ In Personal Production Sales Per Year!
- Instagram Lead Generation Master!
- 70 Home Sales Per Year!
More Info About Shannon!
Shannon Gillette is a master of getting clients to seek her out and reach out to her, generating most of her business through Instagram! Ranked in the top 1% of all real estate agents in Arizona, Shannon was able to personally sell 70+ homes totaling over $30 Million in gross volume sales in 2019, and has no signs of slowing down! She has been able to grow her business to where she’s at today to the point where she doesn’t even need to do follow up calls because she has so many clients reaching out to her directly! She shares her social media strategy, how she gets leads with little to no ad-spend, how she’s adapting her business during the quarantine period, and much more!
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