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GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Shane Torres
4,500 Homes Sold & Over $1 BILLION Gross Volume Sales In 2018! : GSD Mode Podcast w/ Shane Torres
- Over 4,500 Team Home Sales in 2018!
- 50 Home Sales In 2nd Year As An Agent!
- Leads Team/Brokerage Of 200 Agents W/ 14 Offices!
More Info About Shane Torres
Today on GSD Mode Podcast, the #1 Rated Podcast In The Real Estate Industry, Joshua Smith welcomes Shane Torres to the podcast! Shane Torres is a real estate agent that exploded his business right out of the gate. Starting out as a home builder, Shane lost his whole business when the real estate crash of 2008 took place, and quickly looked into selling homes instead of building homes, and I’m sure he’s glad he did! With of 50 home sales in his 2nd year as an agent and being ranked in the top 100 in his local market, a few years later he decided to start his own team and brokerage. Fast forward to 2018 and his brokerage did 4,500 home sales and over 1 BILLION in gross volume sales split between 200 agents and 14 different offices. Shane has done it all, been through peaks and valleys, written books along the way, and so much more. Check this one out now! 
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