GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Samir Elkamouny

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The Power Of Sales Funnels Inside Your Real Estate Business (GSD MODE INTERVIEW W/ SAMIR ELKAMOUNY)
- CEO & Founder of Fetch&Funnel!
- Personally Helped Clients Generate Over $50 Million In Revenue!
- Online Sales Expert!
More Info About Samir!
Everywhere you look, I bet you see a sales funnel and you don't even really know it yet. That's the beauty of them! Sales funnels are the perfect for generating targeted leads that in turn help YOU, the realtor or business owner, save MORE time while doing LESS work. Sales funnels have become a necessary staple within any successful business and today we have Samir Elkamouny, the CEO and Founder of Fetch&Funnel, a media agency that scales revenue for e-commence businesses through social media and pay per click advertising! Samir has personally helped his clients grow their business, having generated over $50 Million in revenue for his clients! Joshua and Samir break down the importance of having an online funnel, why everyone should be marketing online or working with an online marketing agency, how realtors can build funnels for their personal business, and much more!
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