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GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Ryan Serhant
Star of Bravos 'Million Dollar Listing New York' & Selling Over $800 Million Per Year! : GSD Mode Podcast Interview w/ Ryan Serhant
- $800 Million In Production Per Year!
- Team Leader Of 60 Agents & Employees!
-Star of Million Dollar Listing New York!
More Info About Ryan Serhant
Today on GSD Mode Podcast, the #1 Rated Podcast In The Real Estate Industry, Joshua Smith welcomes Ryan Serhant to the show! Ryan Serhant is a real estate POWERHOUSE and international celebrity, starring in Bravo’s hit series, Million Dollar Listing New York! But don’t get it twisted, Ryan isn’t some actor that is hired to just play a character of a real estate agent and act like he knows what he is doing, the dude is a straight up BOSS in the real estate industry! Operating as a Team Leader and agent on his own team of 60 employees and agents, The Serhant Team, the team consistently sells over $800 Million each year! This year Ryan has been selling over $100 Million PER MONTH! Don’t waste any time… Grab a pen and pad, or however you take notes, hit play and get ready for some knowledge bombs to be dropped on you!
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