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Flashback GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Russell Shaw
Interview w/ THE LEGEND of the Real Estate Industry, Mr. Russell Shaw : Flashback GSD Mode Podcast Interview
-  The LEGEND Of Real Estate!
- 40+ Year Real Estate Career!
More Info About Russell Shaw!
Welcome to another installment of GSD Mode Flashback Interviews! This one is absolutely LEGENDARY! Joshua had Russell Shaw on the show way back when he first started it in 2015, and it is a gem if you haven’t seen it yet! They discuss his 40 year real estate career and how he’s adapted to stay in business and thrive over his career, and how he almost QUIT when he was first starting. It actually took him 10 YEARS before he found his footing and figured out what it takes to be successful. At the end we even get a tour of his office! Don’t miss this one!

*EDITOR’S NOTE: This interview is one of Joshua’s 1st In-Person interviews conducted, and was done with his previous Media Team. There is a slight/faint humming that comes and goes throughout the interview, that I have tried my best to reduce in post-production!

“Today on the show I interview Russell Shaw.. AKA ‘THE LEGEND’…

 We talk about his almost 40 year Real Estate Career and the MASSIVE Success he has created!

 What MOST don't know is he almost did not make it... he almost failed and almost quit...

 Thank GOD he did not as we would not be learning today from this brilliant man! It took him over 10 years of being in the business to turn the corner, he struggled for over a decade, then figured out what it takes to be successful and for almost 30 straight years now has been kicking ass!

 This is a MUST listen to interview. Please make sure to leave a positive review and share with everyone you know, that is how you can support the show and ensure these episodes are always free!”
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