GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Robert & Christie Hays!

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Realtors 4X Their Real Estate Business In 12 Months
- 4x'd Their Business In Just 12 Months!
- 45 Monthly Leads From YouTube!
More Info About Robert & Christie!
Robert & Christie Hays are a husband and wife real estate team who have grown their real estate business 4-fold in just 12 months time! 

In this GSD Mode Podcast Interview, Joshua, Robert, & Christie discuss exactly what they have been doing in order to explode their business at such a rapid rate, how they have refined their processes and became laser focused on a single lead source that is working for them (it’s YouTube!), how they are able to generate over 45 high quality leads every month from their YouTube channel, things other agents should know if they are thinking about starting a husband/wife real estate team and how they are able to separate business life and personal life while maintaining a healthy relationship, and so much more epic topics. Check it out! #GSDMode4Life

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