GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Jason Roberts & Rachel Schneider

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- 111 Home Flips Their 1st Year!
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More Info About Jason & Rachel!
Jason Roberts and Rachel Schneider are two of the top real estate investors in the industry today! Getting their start in the real estate industry by opening up a mortgage company which did over 3,000 transactions before the ‘Great Recession” in 2008, they were hit hard by the financial crash everybody experienced around that time. Deciding to use their misfortune as a learning experience instead of accepting failure and giving up, they got into real estate investing and started kicking ass by flipping 111 homes their 1st year! Everybody was hitting them up and asking how they did it and if they could I’ve them advice, so they decided to start REI Blueprint, one of the top real estate investing coaching programs in the industry! Check out their GSD Mode Podcast Interview with Joshua, and be prepared to learn marketing strategies, tips for cold calling, mistakes that rookie investors make that are easy to avoid, how real estate agents can apply their marketing strategies inside their own practice, and so much more!
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