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GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Rachel Adams Lee
Top Realtor Does 500 Deals In 4 Years & Is A Social Media Marketing Expert : GSD Mode Interview #3 w/ Rachel Adams Lee!
- 39 Deals In 1st Year!
- 109 Deals In 2nd Year!
- 496 Deals In 4 Years Time!
- Social Media Marketing Master!
More Info About Rachel Adams Lee
Today on GSD Mode Podcast, the #1 Rated Podcast In The Real Estate Industry, Joshua Smith welcomes back Rachel Adams Lee to the podcast! Rachel is a recurring guest on the show, this being her 3rd appearance, and with good reason… she continues to DOMINATE inside her real estate business and hasn’t slowed down ever since day 1. Her 1st year as a real estate agent she did 39 deals, and her 2nd year she followed that up by doing 109 deals! But wait, it keeps getting more impressive. By the time she had 4 years of experience inside the real estate industry, she had already handled almost 500 deals as she finished with 496 home deals! So, either she is taking that magic pill that everybody is looking for (which doesn’t exist), or she’s just an absolute badass with her systems, processes, tracking, and truly makes the most out of her 24 hours in a day. Nowadays she has a killer YouTube channel as well as her own coaching program, so don’t wait on this one, learn from a MASTER in the real estate space, click play!
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