Flashback GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Mike Wall

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Realtor QUADRUPLES His Business In 3 Years By Focusing On Expired Listings! (MIKE WALL FLASHBACK)
- Sold 57 Homes In His 1st Year!
- Team Sold 225+ In 2016!
More Info About Mike!
We're rounding out Expired Listing Week with an awesome interview from the archives with Mike Wall, another Expired Listing EXPERT who sold over 225 homes on the year by the time we conducted this interview in November of 2016. In his 1st year, Mike sold 57 years all by himself with no support staff, and that's mostly thanks to how targeted he was within his business. He specifically targeted homes and home owners who's listings had expired and he has an awesome script to go with it! Once you hear his script it will all make sense, and it would be silly to not at least try out the same inside your real estate business as well! Inside this interview, Mike shares with Joshua why he targets Expired Listings, how expired listings can dramatically grow your business, how to successfully balance the workload between the agents on your team, and much more! 
"How To Triple Your Real Estate Business In 90 Days" with Joshua Smith
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