GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Michaela & Jake Lamb

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Married Realtors Open Brokerage & Do 42 Deals Their 1st Year! (MICHAELA & JAKE LAMB INTERVIEW)
- $12 Million In Gross Volume Sales Their 1st Year As A Brokerage!
- 42 Deals Their 1st Year As A Brokerage!
More Info About Michaela & Jake!
Michaela & Jake Lamb are a husband and wife real estate agents, experts at building their brand without spending a ton of money, and brokerage owners who upon opening their brokerage were able to do 42 deals their first year of operation! Inside this interview they break down how they started off slow but eventually found their momentum and have been able to crush it ever since! As experts at building their brand, they’ve been able to capitalize on free online giveaways, video marketing videos on facebook as well as other social media platforms, dial in their husband and wife team dynamic, and much more! 
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