GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Michael Daugherty!

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Top Realtor Has Sold 1000+ Homes & Builds An AMAZING Business Through Referrals & Repeat Clients
- Top Real Estate Agent With Over 1,000 Homes Sold!
- Top Selling Realtor In His Market For 2 Straight Years!
More Info About Michael!
Michael Daugherty has sold over 1,000+ homes throughout his 7 year real estate career and has been the Top Selling Real Estate Agent in his market (Hampton Roads/Virginia Beach) for 2 straight years!  

In the interview, Michael talks about the creative ways that Real Estate Agents can bring value to their Clients, his ideal social media strategy and why being authentic and being yourself is KEY, the 3 top things that he is doing inside his real estate business currently that are bringing him the most value, the most important things to focus on when looking to build a successful real estate business, they keys to generating high levels of repeat/referral business, and so much more amazing info! Check it out! #GSDMode4Life
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