Flashback GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Lucas Pinto

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Realtor Sold 59 Homes In 2 Years As A Brand New Agent! (LUCAS PINTO FLASHBACK)
- Sold 59 Homes In His 1st 2 Years!
- Founder of Lucas Pinto Real Estate Group!
More Info About Lucas!
When Lucas Pinto originally joined the podcast, he was fresh-faced in the real estate industry and on track to sell 35 homes during his first full year as a real estate agent! Becoming the founder of Lucas Pinto Real Estate Group and being a 1st generation immigrant, Lucas' path to real estate success was everything but smooth roads to a promised land. His 1st partial year he was able to sell 24 homes, and kept his momentum going into the next year with 35 home sales all by himself! Any realtor will be able to see the drive, commitment, and planning that Lucas has implemented in his business that has led to his success and implement the same in their business for the same result! Hard work trumps talent every time!
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