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Flashback GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Loida Velasquez
How To DOMINATE Inside Your Real Estate Business With Expired & FSBO's : GSD Mode Interview w/ Loida Velasquez
- For Sale By Owner MASTER!
More Info About Loida Velasquez
Welcome to the newest series within the GSD Mode Podcast, Flashback Interviews! Inside this series you’ll find videos that are Joshua’s top picks from the past! These are Joshua’s favorite interviews that are jam packed full of realtor tips, real estate agent advice for new and established agents, and key advice that all GSD listeners can benefit from. With over 4 years worth of Top Realtor interviews, some of our newer listeners might not even know some of these gems exist! Sit back and enjoy this weeks Flashback Interview with Loida Velasquez!

Today on GSD Mode Podcast we have a HUGE episode for you guys. Top Realtor Loida Velasquez joins the show and shares with you her expertise on how to convert an Expired Listing or FSBO listing to a sale! Expireds and FSBO’s are some of the biggest income generators for real estate agents worldwide, so if you are struggling or curious about either of those aspects of your business, check this out now! Loida is killing it in her real estate business and has the right attitude to Get Shit Done! Don’t miss it!"
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