GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Logan Freeman!

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How Realtors Can Benefit From Leveraging Relationships With Investors!
- Top Producing Real Estate Agent & Investor!
- On Track To Own 1,000+ Units By 2021!
More Info About Logan!
Logan Freeman is a top producing real estate agent that has built an amazing business due to him being able to leverage relationships with real estate investors and developers in his area. Finding a niche and being 100% laser-focused on it, Logan was also able to become a mega real estate investor himself, as he will personally own over 1,000 units by the end of the year! Inside this awesome GSD Mode Podcast Interview, Logan breaks down how realtors can benefit from leveraging relationships with investors, how he’s been able to become his own client, he discusses tactics he uses inside his real estate business that allow him to continuously find deals without ever taking his foot off of the gas pedal, and so much more! #GSDMode4Life
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