GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Kim Barber

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Realtor Sells $10 Million+ In 2019 Using Only 1 Lead Generation Tactic! (KIM BARBER INTERVIEW)
- $10 Million+ In Gross Volume Sales In 2019!
- On Track For $20 Million+ in 2020!
More Info About Kim!
Kim Barber is a rockstar real estate agent that found an awesome niche lead generation strategy that she has been using which directly resulted in over $10 Million in gross volume sales in 2019, as well as being on track to double that in 2020! Using this strategy she net $177k last year while spending only $115 for advertising, and upon hearing about it Joshua flew her and her husband Ben out to his Arizona offices to teach his agents how to do the same. After that, within 5 days of using it, they got their first deal under contract and the numbers have been increasing ever since. Check out Kim and Joshua talk in depth about how any real estate agent can utilize this lead generation tactic, where realtors should focus during a recession period, why they think this is one of the best forms of lead generation for realtors, and so much more! Check it out!
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