GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Keith Hinton!

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From 50+ Closings His 1st Year To Now Owning Multiple Brokerages!
- Top Real Estate Agent, Team Leader, & Brokerage Owner!
- Closed 50+ Deals His 1st Year!
More Info About Keith!
Throughout his career, Keith Hinton has been a Top Realtor as well as a Real Estate Team Leader, a Brokerage Owner of multiple locations, and has ownership in multiple different businesses in multiple different industries! This is a guy who has done it all and has succeeded at it all, and inside this epic GSD Mode Podcast Interview, Keith and Joshua discuss how he was able to find success as an individual realtor and how he was able to close 50+ homes in just his 1st year, how he has been able to maintain success and growth through different market crashes and how he has been able to do so without focusing on Short Sales or REO listings, what led to him opening his own brokerage, and so much more! #GSDMode4Life

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