GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Keith Hinton & Brandon and Karly Diggs

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How Realtors Can Give Back To Their Community & Continue Generating Leads!
- Top Broker, Top Agents, & Registered ER Nurse!
- 13 Clients In Past 7 Days While Maintaining Social Distancing!
- Awesome Tips For Realtors Looking To Get Involved In Their Community! 
More Info About The Keith Hinton Group!
The question every real estate agent seems to be asking right now is something along the lines of, “How can I provide value to my community and continue servicing my clients without violating social distancing guidelines or seeming insensitive to their current situation?” If you have been one of those agents, you NEED to check out this interview! Brandon & Karly Diggs are not only a powerhouse real estate couple, but Karly is also on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis as she is an Emergency Room Nurse, so she sees first hand how people can help out their communities directly. They are joined by host, Joshua Smith, as well as the owner of the brokerage that they are with, Keith Hinton of The Keith Hinton Group, and talk about how they’ve managed to get 6 listings in the last 7 days while maintaining social distancing, their awesome Virtual Happy Hour that they are putting on to meet new realtors and network with their community in a relaxing environment, how to continue to service your clients at a top level during the coronavirus outbreak, and so much more! Check it out!

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