GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Keir Weimer!

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Realtor That Had 30 Luxury Listings In His 1st 12 Months!
- Luxury Realtor With 30 Listings In 1st 12 Months!
- Top Of The New York Market!
More Info About Keir!
Keir Weimer is a real estate professional currently with 7 years of experience in the industry and is at the top of the New York Luxury Real Estate Market! Inside this epic GSD Mode Podcast Interview, Keir talks with Joshua about how he got into the real estate industry and exactly how he was able to secure 30 LUXURY real estate listings in just his 1st year as a real estate agent, how he was able to get past the extreme guilt he had that stemmed from causing a horrific boating accident that took the life of one of his best friends as well as the lessons he learned from that experience, the importance of branding and how EVERYBODY has a brand whether they know it or not, what led him to starting a real estate team just 3 years into the business, and so much more! This interview is insanely powerful and Keir lays it all on the table, check it out! #GSDMode4Life
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