GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Kathy Fettke

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Creating Wealth Inside The Real Estate Industry With Kathy Fettke! (GSD MODE INTERVIEW)
- CEO & Founder of Real Wealth Network!
- Top Realtor/Coach/Speaker
- Real Estate Market EXPERT!
More Info About Kathy!
GSD Mode Podcast has a huge episode for you today! Kathy Fettke, the CEO & Co-Founder of Real Wealth Network, joins the show! This real estate interview focuses on wealth consciousness and the power that comes from having wealth consciousness! This is what Kathy is an EXPERT in, and she helps her clients go from just selling real estate as a job, to taking it to the next level and helping them begin using real estate as a tool to generate wealth. When you are ‘wealth conscious’ inside your life and business not only does this help find your purpose in business & start creating wealth in real estate, but this will help you see booming and falling markets which you can then use to your advantage to maximize potential investment earnings. Check it out! 
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