Flashback GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Justino Arroyo

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Full-Time Police Officer Turned Top Realtor Explains How He Did 80 Transactions In His 2nd Year!
- Police Officer Turned Realtor!
- 80 Transactions During His 2nd Year!
More Info About Justino!
It's no secret that it can be daunting to transition out of your current career in favor of becoming a real estate agent. It's something that just about everybody is afraid of doing at least a little bit.. Justino was a full time Police Officer who was intriuged with the lucrative industry that is real estate and wanted a piece for himself, and I'm sure he's glad he dropped in! During his 2nd year as a real estate agent, he really found his footing because he did 80 deals in just 1 year! If you're curious how to become a top producing real estate agent or how to get into real estate with no experience, hit play NOW! This is the ultimate real estate agent advice for beginners, Justino holds nothing back and shares tips for new realtors, real estate scripts for beginners, and so much more! 
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