Flashback GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Jordan Terrell

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How This Brand New Realtor Sold 102 Homes in 24 Months! (JORDAN TERRELL INTERVIEW)
- Sold 102 Deals In 2 Years!
More Info About Jordan!
Jordan Terrell closed 27 real estate deals during his 1st licensed year and then pumped up his numbers for year 2 and close 75 deals! In his 3rd full year Jordan has built a real estate team with 9 agents and 3 support staff members on track to close 120 deals that year! This is an interview we released in Summer 2019 but may have flown under the radar for some. Upon 2nd listen, we know EVERYONE in the real estate industry can benefit from listening to this, so we’ve decided to re-release for our newer viewers so they too can learn from one of the most ‘on fire’ agents we’ve talked to in recent times! Check it out!
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