GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Jonathan Kirk!

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Realtor Goes From Success with Expireds To Online Leads Doing $15Million/Year
- Top Real Estate Agent!
- $15 Million+ Yearly In Sales Volume!
More Info About Jonathan!
Jonathan Kirk is a Top Realtor who had success as a brand new Realtor. He started his career by doing a TON of Open Houses that led to a lot of success... He then transitioned into calling and listing Expired Listings with a ton of success, but after doing this for years and years, he got burnt out & decided he needed to create a Lead Generation Strategy where Leads would come to him.

This led to Jonathan learning and mastering Online Lead Generation through creating Real Estate Blogs and Real Estate Content Marketing, which has been extremely successful and has completely replaced his Expired Listing Business, where today, he is consistently selling $15+ Million in yearly Sales Volume without having to do any cold calls.

Jonathan breaks down his Real Estate Success journey & shares how he created a lot of success with Open Houses, with calling Expired Listings as well as what he is now doing with his Real Estate Blogs & Real Estate Content Marketing Strategy! Check it out! #GSDMode4Life
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