GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Joe Trodden

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Get Your Mind Right To EXPLODE Your Real Estate Business in 2020 w/ Top Mindset Coach Joe Trodden!
- Top Mindset Coach!
- Helped over 300+ Clients!
More Info About Joe!
We’re now living in the year 2020, so it’s time to get our mindset right and start kicking ass in our real estate businesses! Today we have Joe Trodden on the podcast, a top mindset coach that has helped over 300 entrepreneurs in his 9+ year coaching career! Joe specializes in helping clients that are in post-start up and scaling phases that are also struggling to get to that next level. Joshua and Joe dive deep into techniques Joe uses to improve his mindset, tactics to use when delegating and building out your team, and so much more. DO NOT miss this one, it’s way too valuable! 
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