GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Jimmy Rex

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Top Producing Realtor Explains How To Get Into Real Estate And Succeed As A New Agent! (GSD MODE)
- Sold Over 2,000 Homes!
- Best Selling Author!
- 60 Homes Sales 1st Year, 100 Homes Sales 2nd Year!
More Info About Jimmy!
Are you a new real estate agent wondering how you can get into real estate and succeed INSTANTLY? Check out this interview with Jimmy Rex, a top producing realtor, real estate coach, best selling author, and podcast host! This podcast provides plenty of FREE coaching for new realtors (and also experienced realtors) including strategies that Jimmy used and still uses today to find instant success! If you want to know how to sell homes as a new realtor, do NOT miss this one! Joshua and Jimmy are two of the bet real estate coaches in the industry! Jimmy, having sold over 2,000 homes total (with 60 coming his 1st year, and 100 coming his 2nd year) he knows EXACTLY what every agent needs to be doing in order to ensure they are successful and making as much money as they can! Check it out!
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