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GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Jim Remley
Owner of the Largest Real Estate Brokerage in Oregon! : GSD Mode Podcast Interview w/ Jim Remley
- Owner Of The Largest Brokerage in Oregon!
- Top 1% of Realtors Worldwide!
- 17 Different Offices!
More Info About Jim Remley
Today on GSD Mode Podcast, the #1 Rated Podcast In The Real Estate Industry, Joshua Smith welcomes Jim Remley to the show! Jim is an OG in the real estate industry, entering the top 1% of realtors worldwide at the young age of 24. Quickly thereafter, he started his own independent brokerage that has grown into one of, if not the largest, independent brokerage in the state of Oregon with 17 different offices. Stick around until the end to find out how to save 25% off of any purchase from Jim’s website and coaching, click play!

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