GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Jamil Damji

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Real Estate Wholesaling For Beginners! How To Turn $100 Into $100k w/ Jamil Damji (GSD MODE)
- Made $50k On His 1st Deal!
- 'Godfather' Of Real Estate Wholesaling!
- Runs Team Doing Over 80 Wholesales Per Month!
More Info About Jamil!
Have you thought about getting into real estate wholesaling (or real estate investing) but are unsure where to start? Today we have Jamil Damji of Keyglee real estate on the show, Arizona's #1 real estate investor, wholesaler, and home flipper and he COMPLETELY breaks down his business and shares EVERYTHING with the audience! This is a real estate investor that was unsure but dropped in 100% and ended up pocketing $50,000 on his very 1st deal! Inside this real estate podcast you'll find a step by step guide to wholesaling real estate, how to wholesale houses with little money, and you'll find out the answer to the question, "What does wholesaling real estate mean?" Take some notes, apply the knowledge you learn, and you'll be on your way to making thousands per transaction EASILY, just like Jamil!
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