GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Jake Marmulstein!

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Easy To Use Software For Real Estate Investors!
- Founder and CEO Of Groundbreaker Real Estate Software!
More Info About Jake!
Jake Marmulstein is Co-Founder and CEO of Groundbreaker, an easy to use software for real estate investors that helps automate workflows, manage investment portfolios, and save real estate investors time so they can continue to find more deals, and in turn, make more money! As real estate agents, we all can benefit so much from developing relationships with real estate investors, and inside this epic GSD Mode Podcast Interview, Joshua and Jake talks bout what got Jake into the real estate industry, how Groundbreaker helps real estate investors grow their empires and what brought him to developing the software, if real estate investing has been in a downturn with the Coronavirus pandemic, and so much more! This jam packed interview is very matter-of-fact and to the point, no smoke and mirrors with Jake, check it out!
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