GSD Mode Podcast Interview #2 With Grant Wise!

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Facebook Lead Generation for Real Estate Agents 2020
- Facebook & Instagram Ad MASTER!
- Creator Of Witly!
More Info About Grant!
In this GSD Mode Podcast Interview with Joshua Smith and Grant Wise. Grant breaks down top Facebook and Instagram paid lead generation strategies that are currently working extremely well for Real Estate Agents, Team Leaders and Brokerage Owners.

Facebook has made a lot of changes in regards to running paid ads on both Facebook and Instagram for Real Estate Agents, and it is important to understand what is working and what is currently getting results. As discussed in this GSD Mode Podcast Interview, you will learn that one of the most effective ways to have success with both paid Facebook Lead Generation and Instagram Lead Generation is in "Re-Targeting" which can help you not only generate more leads, but also convert your Real Estate Leads into Clients at a much higher rate!
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