GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Dan Rochon!

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Brand New Real Estate Agent Buys His Brokerage Within 18 Months! (DAN ROCHON INTERVIEW)
- Has Closed A Home For 129 Consecutive Months!
- Bought The Brokerage He Worked At After 18 Months!
More Info About Dan!
Dan Rochon is a real estate agent with 13 years of experience, an entrepreneur, author of the new book, Real Estate Evolution: The Ten Step Guide to C.P.I., and a real estate coach! Getting into the industry during November 2007, Dan was struggling during his 1st 4 months with making sales and finding his feet. He had no closings despite his lead generation efforts like cold calling, putting up signs, door knocking, and more. It was then something finally clicked and he realized what he needed to do to find success. Fast forward to a year and a half later and Dan was able to buy the brokerage we worked for and start scaling it even bigger! He also runs an epic virtual team comprised of 15 employees, wrote an awesome book, and hasn’t had a month without a personal closing for 129 consecutive months! Check out his GSD Mode Podcast Interview!
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