GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Chuck & Angela Fazio!

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The Importance of Strong Relationships To Your Business & Personal Success
- Over 40,000 Homes Sold!
- Running Brokerage With Over 3,500+ Real Estate Agents!
More Info About Chuck & Angela!
Chuck & Angela Fazio are a husband/wife real estate duo that have collectively sold over 40,000 homes, as well as having over $9 BILLION in production throughout their careers. They operate the largest single brokerage office in the entire country (check out an office tour in Chuck’s 2nd GSD Mode Interview, linked below) and decided to switch to EXP Realty and take their business international, meaning they now have over 3,500 agents under their umbrella! 

Inside the GSD Mode Podcast Interview, Chuck & Angela discuss with host Joshua Smith about how they have been able to create massive success together and how important having a strong relationships and partnerships built on trust is when you trying to find success in the real estate industry! But that’s not all, they also discuss the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people and the right staff to help you succeed, how real estate agents can work on their mindset and the power that comes with that, and so much more! Check it out! #GSDMode4Life

Angela also offered to give a FREE Book to anybody who sends her their address and mentions this podcast interview! Check out her book in the links below!
"How To Triple Your Real Estate Business In 90 Days" with Joshua Smith
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