Flashback GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Christina Griffin

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Meet The Realtor Leading The Team Ranked #2 in Units Sold! (CHRISTINA GRIFFIN FLASHBACK INTERVIEW)
- Leads #2 Team In Units Sold In The Country!
- Real Estate Woman Of The Year!
More Info About Christina!
Christina Griffin has been in the real estate industry since 2001, starting her real estate journey as a solo agent and then growing and transitioning into now today being the leader of the team that is ranked #2 in Coldwell Banker units sold in the United States! As well as ranking #2 in the country, Christina’s business has grown in transactions per year as well as grown in gross volume each year for the past 8 years! She’s been named Real Estate Woman Of The Year, and so much more! Don’t miss epic this Flashback GSD Mode Interview, one of the favorites of 2019!
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