GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Chris Craddock

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Realtor Increases Team Sales By $40 Million In Just 12 Months! (CHRIS CRADDOCK INTERVIEW)
- Top Team Leader And Real Estate Agent!
- Closed 57 Deals In March!
More Info About Chris!
Chris Craddock was on the podcast about 12 months ago, and since his last appearance he was able to grow his team’s yearly sales by an additional $40 MILLION in gross volume sales! So if you heard his episode last year and are wondering why he’s back so soon, it’s because he has found a new lead generation source that he is crediting a lot of his growth to! With 57 closings in March alone, Chris was able to have his BEST month since joining the real estate industry and he was able to do it during quarantine and the coronavirus pandemic. He’s also done a great job at building other businesses to compliment his real estate practice, resulting in being able to take care of his clients even more and for longer periods of time. Check it out!
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