GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Chauncey Pham!

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How To Build A Real Estate Business That You LOVE! (CHAUNCEY PHAM INTERVIEW)
- 31 Transactions Her 1st Year As An Agent!
- Real Estate YouTube Marketing Expert!
More Info About Chauncey!
Chauncey Pham is a real estate agent, entrepreneur, real estate coach, house flipper, team leader, and so much more! Get this, when she first became a real estate agent she already had 5 deals under contract within her 1st 2 MONTHS! She finished that year out doing 31 transactions for just over $7 Million in production and she hasn’t slowed since! Inside this GSD Mode Podcast Interview, she talks about how she was able to build her real estate business while staying true to her and not doing any of the things that she didn’t want to do, how she attracts clients using YouTube, marketing, and her personality instead of actively chasing clients, and so much more! Check it out!

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