GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Charles Benton!

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How To Know When To Start Your Own Real Estate Team Or Brokerage
- Top Real Estate Agent, Team Leader, & Brokerage Owner!
- Recruiting Expert!
More Info About Charles!
Charles Benton is our guest today on GSD Mode Podcast and he made for an awesome interview! Joshua and Charles discuss Charles’ epic real estate journey that has brought him to where he is today as well as his background that got him into the industry in the first place. Charles was just coming off of spending 5 YEARS on a submarine as part of the Navy and actually got his start as a recruiter for a real estate team, but quickly realized he should be on the agent side of things instead of the recruiting side of things if he wanted to build a more financially successful career. So he got his license and joined a team where he found success, then he transitioned into an individual agent and excelled at that, started his own real estate team that he was team leader of and killed it at that, and then realized the time was right to open his own brokerage and exit out of production entirely! Hear the epic story of how Charles got to where he is now, today on GSD Mode Podcast! #GSDMode4Life
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