GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Chantel Ray

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How Realtors Can Execute, Grow, Shift, & Adapt At The Highest Level! (CHANTEL RAY INTERVIEW)
- Top Team Leader And Real Estate Agent!
- Owner Of Chantel Ray Real Estate!
More Info About Chantel!
Chantel Ray is the owner of the Chantel Ray Real Estate, one of the largest and BEST real estate teams on the planet. Joshua has personally shadowed Chantel and seen her office and her practices, as well as masterminded and learned from Chantel for a very long time. Inside this GSD Mode Podcast Interview, Chantel and Joshua discuss how realtors can execute, grow, shift, and adapt at the highest level inside their real estate business, how real estate team leaders can hold their employees accountable and making sure they are also executing at a top level and meeting goals, and much more! Chantel even shares the exact software she uses to run her business, why she uses it, her method to finding out what is needed and where expenses can be cut, and so much more valuable information. Check it out!
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