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GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Bryan Bowles
Conduct More Real Estate Business By Using Transactly! : GSD Mode Podcast Interview w/ Bryan Bowles
- Founder of Transactly!
- Owner of Worth Clark Realty, Ranked #89 In The Country!
- Top 10 Agent in His Market!
More Info About Bryan Bowles
Today on GSD Mode Podcast, the #1 Rated Podcast In The Real Estate Industry, Joshua Smith welcomes Bryan Bowles to the podcast! Bryan started out in the real estate industry as an agent, quickly rising to the Top 10 in with city within 2 years. From there he decided to start his own brokerage in 2012, and within 3 years that brokerage was ranked #89 in the country. Move forward to 2018, Bryan developed and launched Transactly, a real estate technology created with the intention of helping agents save more time during the transaction process so that they can focus more time and energy on money-generating activities. Joshua and Bryan go in-depth about his time starting out as an agent, what led him to open his own brokerage and the struggles and successes that has come with that, what exactly Transactly is and how it can assist real estate agents and positively impact their business, and much more!
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