Flashback GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Brian Hennessey

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The Advantages Of Being A Commercial Real Estate Agent! (BRIAN HENNESSEY FLASHBACK INTERVIEW)
- Top Commercial Real Estate Agent!
- Over 34 Years Of Experience!
More Info About Brian!
Today we’re taking it back to 2018 because with everything going on right now surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, real estate agents should always know ALL of their options, and that includes getting into Commercial Real Estate! Commercial Real Estate has also encountered a major market shift, and when you look around, it’s very apparent! Inside of our communities many businesses, local and corporate, have had to shut down, relocate, or downsize because of the major financial blowback the economy has experienced over the last few months and guess who can be helping with that process? Real estate agents! Listen to this epic GSD Mode Podcast Interview with Brian Hennessey, a commercial real estate broker for over 34 years, as he lets the audience know exactly why commercial real estate pays off and why all realtors should consider getting into the commercial real estate space!
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