GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Ben Barber

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How Real Estate Agents Can Prepare Themselves For A Major Market Shift (BEN BARBER INTERVIEW)
- REO Listing Expert!
- Co-Founder of REO University!
More Info About Ben!
Ben Barber is back on GSD Mode Podcast kicking off this week with an awesome jam session with Joshua Smith where they go in depth about current affairs, more specifically activities and practices that real estate agents can be doing NOW in order to make their businesses recession-proof and to make sure that they set themselves and their businesses up to flourish during a market shift or crash. It’s all in the preparation, and it’s all about not burying your head in the sand when times get tough, but instead focusing, preparing, and being one step ahead of everybody else! Ben and Joshua drop tons of other tips for real estate agents that may be worried or insecure about the future of their business because of the coronavirus pandemic, and even mention a promo code that you can use to save $500 on the REO University course, check it out!
"How To Triple Your Real Estate Business In 90 Days" with Joshua Smith
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