GSD Mode Podcast Interview #2 With Andrew Coca!

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Grow & Manage Your Real Estate Business By Using Showingly App!
- Started A Real Estate Team With 25 Agents At 20 Years Old!
- Top Real Estate Agent!
More Info About Andrew!
Showingly is an epic new Real Estate Agent-Driven App for Realtors that can help them grow and manage their real estate business at the same time! An app with 2 versions, a consumer side and an agent side, Showingly helps you schedule showing appointments with clients, communicate with clients, and so much more! As a real estate agent himself, Andrew Coca wanted to develop an app that can help with his day-to-day duties as a real estate agent, and soon thereafter Showingly was born and it was off to the races! Inside this GSD Mode Podcast Interview, Andrew talks about getting into the real estate industry at just 19 years old, starting his own team just a year later and growing it to over 25 agents, how he was able to exit production to focus on his new project, Showingly, what it’s like on the Tech Entrepreneur side of things as opposed to being on the Real Estate Agent side of a real estate transaction, when Showingly will be available in additional markets across the country, and so much more!
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