GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Andrew Bloom

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$200 Million In Volume Sales By Team In 2019, 40 Deals In 1st Year, & More! (ANDREW BLOOM INTERVIEW)
- CEO Of BVO Luxury Group!
- Did 40 Deals His 1st Year As A Part-Time Agent!
- $200 Million In Team Gross Volume Sales in 2019!
More Info About Andrew!
Andrew Bloom is the CEO & Senior Partner of BVO Luxury Group at Keller Williams, based in the Scottsdale/Phoenix Metro Area of Arizona, where he and his team sold over $200 Million in Gross Volume Sales in 2019 resulting in over $5 Million in GCI! When he initially stepped into the real estate industry, he was a full-time social worker who was only practicing as a real estate agent part-time, and he still ended up doing 40 deals during that 1st year! He started at a low price point early on and every year since then, has focused on and successfully increased his average price point consistently while continuing to stay grounded, humble, and operate from a place of abundance. Joshua and Andrew dive in to so many awesome topics during this interview including how he sold those 40 homes during his 1st year, how he’s cutting spending while still providing his staff with support and care, how any agent can get involved in their community and use social media in order to do, and so many more! You can tell Andrew really cares and is passionate about his business and his staff’s wellbeing, so it’s no surprise he’s become the success that he is today, as we all are products of the people we roll with and surround ourselves with. Check it out!

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